Namaste Technologies Inc. Odoo Version 11.0+e

Information about the Namaste Technologies Inc. instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

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Installed Applications

Export Purchase Order in Excel
Apps will Export Purchase Order in Excel Sheet
Discount On Purchase Order
Discount on order line and purchase order
Product Pack
Combine two or more products together in order to create a bundle product.
Leads, Opportunities, Activities
Projects, Tasks
Inventory Management
Inventory, Logistics, Warehousing
Sales Management
Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoicing
Review and approve employees time reports
Discussions, Mailing Lists, News
Leave Management
Leave allocations and leave requests
Invoicing Management
Send Invoices and Track Payments
Employee Appraisals
Periodical Appraisal
Accounting and Finance
Financial and Analytic Accounting
Sticky notes, Collaborative, Memos
Website Builder
Build Your Enterprise Website
Ticketing, Support, Issues
Purchase Management
Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills
Employee Directory
Jobs, Departments, Employees Details
Recruitment Process
Jobs, Recruitment, Applications, Job Interviews
Aftership Response Receiver and Logger
Amazon Odoo Connector
Integrate & Manage all your Amazon seller account operations from Odoo
Amazon FBA Connector
Integrate & Manage your all your Amazon FBA operations from Odoo
Audit Log
Contacts Directory
Customers, Vendors, Partners,...
Dropshipper Exception
eBay Odoo Connector
Integrate & Manage your all your eBay seller account operations from Odoo
Odoo Ebay Connector Extended
Invoice Workflow
Extend Live-Chat Functionality
This application is extend the Odoo native livechat application functionality and UI Desing
Okta Integration
Product Information
Project Forecast
Resource management for Project
The Odoo RESTful API that accesses Odoo using standard HTTP GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods and a simple JSON input and output format
Odoo Sale View Changes
Odoo Dropshipper Inventory Updation
Shopify Odoo Connector
Integrate & Manage your all your Shopify operations from Odoo
Odoo Shopify Connector Extended
Odoo Shopify Order Flagging
Odoo Shopify Inventory Updation
Shopify POS orders
Dynamic List
Arrange any List view on the fly for Odoo v11
Create surveys, collect answers and print statistics
Personal & Shared Calendar
Share and Publish Videos, Presentations and Documents
Forum, FAQ, Q&A
Live Chat
Live Chat with Visitors/Customers